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Carlon had reminded her that she said she hadn't used it, and was just looking for information on Michelle. Alex frowned harder. She was blatantly going on about the idea of threatening people with guns. Just because she hadn't used it for that intended purpose yet didn't mean she wasn't thinking about it.

"Shhhh", she said to Carlon.

Her leg was fine. It still hurt, but she still felt like standing. Well, more like standing emotionally. It felt a bit like her leg was going to collapse underneath her if someone took the crutch away. But that wasn't what she needed right now.

What she needed was to know if Kam was safe. If she wasn't, it wouldn't just be her. It would be Carlon, and other Cammy. It would be everyone else still alive. She failed to save Daniel from Hansel, wasn't able to find Chuck or Jason, and was forced to watch Davidge get shot to pieces. She couldn't live with herself if she couldn't stop one person. One person. The less players there were, the better.

If it meant getting everyone she could off the island, it meant a bit of sacrifice.

Kam had looked uncomfortable at her question. Alex wanted to probe further.

"So what you are saying is, you haven't found a chance, but you would if you could?"

Her voice still came out quiet.

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