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Kam's head tilted to the side. There was an obvious... edge in the question from Alex. It was pointed, probing. Not quite an accusation but near enough to make her hesitate for a second time before shaking her head. Kammy wasn't totally sure how to respond. The straightforward response was that no, she hadn't threatened anyone, because it was true. The more complicated specifics were that she hadn't threatened anyone because it hadn't been necessary. Really, she didn't like thinking about that type of possibility - on the other hand, ignore the possibility and then what would happen?

She opted for the full truth. "I haven't needed to," Kammy looked down at the gun. She still wasn't used to its weight on her hip, and the conversation wasn't doing much to make her forget about it. "If I had to, I would, but yeah, I'm not going around brandishing the thing, I just... it pays to be careful. Lot of killers out there. I can't look after someone I care about if I can't look after myself, first."

Kam was beginning to feel uncomfortable. It was probably saying all of this out loud. She'd thought an awful lot of it but hadn't actually vocalised until just now. It was a very harsh reality, and seeing the response of the other two was making it clear enough that they found it unpalatable. What was she supposed to do if attacked though? Just run? That didn't sit too well with her. In any case, better to be upfront than lie, otherwise, if Kam DID start travelling with these guys, how'd they react to her being aggressive?

Carlon was being a little off too. He wasn't looking straight at her, as if Kammy had said something that he found difficult to swallow. But then... oh. Oh.

Yeah. The slight hesitation when he'd referred to Michelle, and the sudden cooling in his demeanour. Kam didn't let it show on her face, but inwardly it felt like a punch to the gut. Even someplace like this and she couldn't get away from people having a problem. Urgh. Whatever. More important things to worry about, and it wasn't like Carlon had openly insulted her. Just gone a bit... unsettled.

Even so, it was starting to seem like striking out on her own again might not be such a bad idea. Hopefully this, in both cases, was just a slight hiccup and they could stick together. Four heads were better than one. Maybe other Cammy would smooth things over when she woke up.
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