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Okay. So.

I see a distinct lack of Paris love in this thread and that's inexcusable. One of his more recent threads (that was unfortunately nommed by the cancer that was the V5 stagnation) actually had me stop reading, cover my mouth with a hand, and whisper "oh my god" aloud. It was one of two moments of reading V5 that had me genuinely feel something and be completely taken by surprise by events that took place in the thread.

Go read Paris. He's great!

Seconding Garrett Wilde, but that's not really a surprise at this point since I've plugged him since the podcast. I don't share Persona's enthusiasm for Finn Grant as much, but dude's been in some pretty incredible threads - he encounted both Joe Carrasco and Mara Montalvo at turning points in both of their stories - and he has a pretty good voice.

As a first time player, I can't really comment on what's different beyond "oh hey, these are pretty coherent overall".
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