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Ah yes, the dead deserve some recognition too. I'm gonna second Carlon Wheeler and Amy Bachelor, but I'll also throw Adonis Alba into the mix, as he's got an interesting mix and match story through his journey, and there's some really good understated things there.

I am also reminded that I should explain why you should read my suggestions instead of just saying them, ehehehe. Gonna be short to avoid gushing.

Ruby Forrester - Just a girl who's got an interesting view point and personality who has never been bogged down in her story so far and is always advancing.

Finn Grant - Simply makes me feel what is trying to conveyed. If he acts like an asshole, It's not hard for me think of him as an asshole, and if he's a bitch, he's a real bitch. Usually, I can see what someone is trying to show in their writing but not really get it, but I actually am getting emotions when reading Finn, and there's a lot of it.
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