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This is more of a "characters I enjoy reading" list over a "omg you should check these guys out right now!!!!!1" list, but I digress. I'm not going to include any characters that have been in a thread I've written in because I'm awful at keeping an objective view.

Of the people who have died so far, I really liked reading Lauren Rowe. I thought she had a good mix of action scenes like the little struggle between her and Owen Kay's group in the hospital (not to mention her really, really good silent death scene) and also had some good pure character interactions like her opening scene with Carmina Maliksi or the scene in Central Park. I feel like Iceblock would have done so much more with her had they not gotten unlucky with rolls.

Besides her, I really enjoyed Katy Warren because she was such a complete bitch in most of her interactions. I also liked Carlon Wheeler and Amy Bachelor.

For the people who are still alive, I really like reading Deanna Hull. I wish she can find her plot stride because there's just something about her that makes her likable to me. I don't know if it's her personality or D/N's writing or some combo of the two, but I like reading every post with her although the only interesting scene with her has been when she almost drowned in one of her early threads. I also feel the same with Brianna Battaglia, but I have a feeling her plot is going to pick up pretty soon.

I think Rosemary Michaels is a good read as she's a good example of someone who starts out kind of slow but eventually deviates from the "wander around the island aimlessly" vanilla plotline into something better. It's a shame that a lot of her good threads like the battle of wits against Joachim Lovelace got ate by the glutenous data eater monster, but I'm not too worried because I'm sure she's going to recover.

Speaking of which, I need to list more male characters so I'm gonna pimp Joachim Lovelace and Garrett Wilde as well. Honestly it'd probably be easier for me to just list the characters I don't like, but I'm not that mean. Not until V5 is over, anyway.
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