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Nov 20 2013, 12:44 PM
What do you guys think of V5 so far? How's it compare to other versions? Who're some people/characters to watch?

DID SOMEBODY SAY SHAMELESS PLUGGING? (Because I can't really comment on versions I wasn't here for)

Read Ruby Forrester. One of the characters I am truly following instead of just skimming.
I wanna add my thoughts on Espi's question. Toben has touched on quite a few areas but there have been some subtle differences I've noticed.

For now I want to piggyback on what Persona is doing.

I second Ruby Forrester. Sort of biased here but her arc so far has been very intense. She's one to look out for.

Also read Cody Patton. I'm super enamored by the way Kilmarnock plays him. He can't accept looking weak, not even for a second, and this comes across in his actions. He tries to act cold and cool and tough to make up for the fact that he is just as scared as everyone else, and that he has no clue what to do. It's the little touches he adds that really add color.

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