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"I'm Adam," Adam said. "Don't worry 'bout the cigarette. I've got more."

He didn't say anything about cutting Gabriel. Actions spoke louder than words and all, and Adam was pretty sure it'd make a better impression if he just avoided chopping Gabriel up rather than tripping over himself to promise the boy safety. Besides, until he knew the guy a little bit better, he'd reserve the right to change his mind and get medieval on his ass.

"My friends and I were just settling down. You want, you can stay here a bit. Keep watch with me, then they can take a turn and we can get some sleep without having to worry about getting stabbed."

Adam's offer was particularly considered. He figured he could stay up and talk to Gabriel, learn a little about the boy while Natali and Maynard slept. Then, he and Gabriel could get some rest at the same time, so that there'd be two people to jump the newcomer if he tried anything. It was a plan without too much risk, unless Gabriel had some sort of crazy weapon that could kill them all, and Adam figured he'd've seen some sort of evidence of something like that by now, given how scared the boy was.

Besides, if that was the case, they were hosed regardless of whether they were awake or not.
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