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Maynard peeked up over the tips of his hands as Natali plopped onto the ground beside him, murmuring dismissals of his fears. She looked so tired, so broken. He turned and gave a quick glance back at Adam and the new arrival. Gabriel. Not exactly someone Maynard was friendly with. But even if he had been a friend, it wouldn't have mattered much. Friends had killed friends in this place. Any ties or bonds had been stripped from them all.

Maynard shifted to join Natali on the cold ground, deciding not to join in the conversation that was occurring just outside. He didn't want to ruin anything. Adam would sort everything out. He was strong and had protected them thus far - why would he stop now?

"Okay," he whispered, glancing over at the girl beside him. "It'll all be okay."

Maynard closed his eyes, fingers curling around his spear. Within seconds, he was asleep.
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