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[Originally posted by Zevon]

The calmness and neutrality of the longhaired kid's greeting had admittedly taken Gabriel by surprise. He struck Gabriel as a guy too cool to fuck with, and the curved sword he carried only added to the image. His first instinct had been to book it back to the woods the moment he had seen the guy, but for some reason, Gabriel stopped in his tracks after frantically backpedaling only a few steps. It was just too dark, and he was just too tired, to go back into that goddamn forest again.

"S-sup." Gabriel said in a weak stutter that embarrassed him more than it should.

"Sorry about your cig." He added quickly as he took a final shaky step backwards.

Despite knowing the names of a good amount of the Aurora seniors, Gabriel didn't know this guy from Adam. He was pretty sure the dude wasn't a killer as he remembered most of the murderers names from the earlier announcements. Though the sword in his right hand could probably get the murder job done pretty well. That wickedly curved blade could probably turn Gabriel into baloney slices if he pissed this guy off enough. Better play it safe, or this guy might decide to cut Gabriel a new orifice.

"Please don't... cut me," Gabriel said as he raised his hands slowly above his head.

"My name's Gabriel. What's yours?"
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