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[Originally posted by Zevon]

(Gabriel Lee Continues from Hermitic Ranger)

Gabriel trudged through seemingly endless underbrush wearily. He could feel the creeping grasp of exhaustion slowly taking hold, as was expected from hours of hiking through this ungodly forest.

Gabriel had nowhere else to go but towards what he hoped was the familiar roller coaster, as the clubhouse had turned out to be a pretty horrible idea for a hiding spot, unless getting shot at had suddenly become part of his survival plan.

Occasionally, a lone gunshot or what Gabriel could swear was a distant scream would give him pause, but for the most part he continued unimpeded through the darkening woods, back to the Amusement park, which he hoped hadn't become populated by a similar group of screaming psychos as those who seemed to be chilling in the golf course clubhouse.

As the woods started to thin out and the ominous, rusting roller coaster came into sight, barely visible in the early night sky; Gabriel's duffle suddenly felt a little lighter. Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad place to hide. There were plenty of carnival stalls that would be perfect to camp behind. Though the idea of hiding from murderous psychos in a amusement park seemed a little too much like a horror movie.

Gabriel walked slowly behind a shack that seemed like a good enough place to sack out, at least for tonight. It might just be safe here.

Gabriel screamed a single guttural curse when he rounded a corner and nearly tripped over a squatting, hippy looking longhaired kid with a kickass sword.

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