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"You guys can sleep first. I'll stand guard outside."

Adam was kinda tired, yeah, but Natali and Maynard clearly were in more desperate need of some time to recuperate. He'd be able to hold out a few more hours, while they might fall asleep on watch and get everyone killed. Besides, Natali was right; it didn't look like there was a whole lot of room in their chosen shelter.

Adam took another small drag from the cigarette, held the nasty smoke in his mouth, blew it out. He'd always sort of wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings, like in those old cartoons, but had never quite figured it out. Maybe it only worked with cigars.

He was trying not to think about what Natali had said, about taking a fall. It wasn't that he expected it to be particularly dangerous. He didn't see any blood on her, and she'd kept up pretty decently. No, what worried Adam was that he hadn't noticed it. He'd been so wrapped up in external awareness that he'd missed what could have been a very real threat to one of the members of his group. He'd have to find out when it had happened, what exactly had transpired, but that could wait until they were all in slightly better shape.

At the moment, Adam just sank down next to the control shack, squatting with his back to the wall, sword laid across his legs.
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