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"Huh? Oh, you shouldn't apologise, Natali. It's not really your fault," Maynard whispered, shuffling as quietly as he was able. Adam's words had spooked him somewhat. "I'm sure we'll figure out something to do here, even if we can't figure out some magical way off the island itself."

Maynard blinked in the darkness, his eyesight still struggling to fully adjust to the lack of proper illumination. This whole thing was worse in the dark, naturally, but he took comfort in the knowledge that he had two trustworthy companions alongside him. He didn't want to think about what it'd be like if he'd wandered in here alone.

"I don't really mind where we go. So long as we can protect each other and get even a wink of sleep."

Maynard took a tighter hold of his spear as he said "Protection." He didn't want to ever have to use it, but the fact that he mightn't be entirely useless when it came to a fight was slightly comforting. Pack bags and hide didn't seem to be enough.

He didn't know what'd happen to the three of them, but if they could all make it through this night alive, then maybe there'd be hope after all.
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