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((Adam Morgan continued from Hanley's Bazaar))

They had walked for a long, long while, and even with a few breaks, the fatigue was clearly weighing on all of them. The knowledge that so many of the others were now dangerous lay heavily over the trio, especially as gunshots could occasionally been heard off in the distance.

Natali was barely staying upright. She seemed the hardest struck by this, now, despite her initial resilience. It had taken Adam a long while to notice, because he'd been so wrapped up in not thinking. During those times when he had turned his attention outside, it had been with an eye towards keeping them safe from possible ambushes, especially during the night they'd spent on the move. It was almost night again, and they couldn't endure another without real rest. The offices, seemingly so sub-par at first, now felt like they would've been paradise. Returning to them wasn't an option, however. Adam didn't like looking back.

Mark Little was dead on the ground, apparently fallen from the roller coaster. Adam wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad way to die, given the circumstances and other options here. Probably, in the grand scheme of things, Mark had done pretty well for himself. It'd likely been quick, and relatively painless. Sure didn't look like Mark had tried to pull his crushed body free of the mangled car, at least.

Adam had ascertained this from a quick glance, after which he'd done his level best to look anywhere but at the body. He examined the roller coaster, the shacks, his shoes, the tip of Maynard's weapon. It smelled here. Adam dug another cigarette out of his pocket and lit up. It took three flicks before he could get the Bic to produce a flame. His hands were not steady. He took a little drag, just rolling the smoke around in his mouth like he'd heard you did with cigars.

"Yeah," he said. "Other side sounds good."

He stuffed the lighter back in his pocket, and held the cigarette with his teeth. He wanted both his hands free, just in case someone was waiting to surprise them. It had been a long time since they had directly interacted with anyone, and that made Adam worried. The possibilities for their next confrontation built up in his mind, the only way to silence them readiness.

"Try to move quietly," he said, his words slurred as he talked around the cigarette. "Don't know who could be here."
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