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...She was stubborn. No wonder Travis didn't get along with her. He was really stubborn, too.

Joe bounced a little on his feet, frowning and scraping at his hands again. He didn't want to get her in trouble. And he didn't want to be slowed down. And apparently she only wanted him there for the conversation, and... well, like he was good at that. Ever.

There were so many reasons he should have bolted. He should have just run away, like he did with Jessica and Brandon and those two that were digging Jason's grave...


But it was just for a short while, right? Just a short while. And traveling alone... was difficult. Maddening, with nothing to distract him except the thoughts about the Theodores of the island finding those he cared about.

A distraction sounded... okay. Just for a little while.

Joe let out a short huff of breath before heading after Aileen, speeding up to match her footsteps.

"Um. If you're... you're too slow, I will... I will have to leave you behind," he mumbled under his breath. Best to get that unpleasantness out of the way, because he still couldn't slow down.

But company was okay. At least for now.

He didn't have anything lethal to ruin it this time.

((Joe Carrasco continued in Eh, anything's fine.))
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