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It appeared that Joe was not rejoicing at the aspect of Aileen joining him on his journey, if only tempolarly. Well, she told him that it was meant to be punishment, but curiously, he seemed to be less averted to having Aileen around, and more concerned about traveling his way alone. That was actually a reason that Aileen could understand in some way, but she was angry, and she needed someone for her to vent at. And by god, Aileen would not change her opinion.

Then Joe mentioned that people might assume that Aileen was an accomplice. Was this supposed to scare her off? Then it failed, because frankly, Aileen liked the notion of her being a force to be reckoned with on the island. Sure, some very trigger-happy and vengeful student might try to kill her too, but in a moment of brilliant long-term planning, she shoved the thought aside and resolved to deal with it once the situation popped up.

Also, there was another, third reason she wished to travel with Joe for a while.

"These trails have two directions. This one is utilized by Matt, and the other one will be perambulated by you. You see, I would rather share your company over Matt's, inasmuch as I do hold negative feelings towards him.

Additionally, this will be merely be a short companionship, there is just the neccesity for conversation on my part."

Aileen was about to walk into the opposite direction of Matt, when she turned around to Joe again.

"Now listen well, young one, for I shall tell you a story of pure brilliance. I woke up in the hospital, where I... [Aileen Aurora Abdallah continued in Eh, anything's fine]
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