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((Jaquilyn Locke continued from Beast))

From their window view, things seemed to be getting heated in the club house.

"Jaq... this is Theodore Fletcher in there, with some other people."

That name... why did it stand out. Where had she heard it.

"He also killed."

Oh shit.

"Two times."

Oh shiiit.

The announcements had been too devastating to have picked out and selectively remember specific names. Lucky for her Joachim had thought to pay attention, and he knew the face to the name. What the hell would have happened if Joachim hadn't warned her? She strained herself to try and hear conversation through the window.

"...but I have a gun and none of you do so you probably don't want to do that."

"He's threatening them. Alright, hang here and cover me." It all felt too familiar.

She put her own gun down. There were too many people inside for aggression to be a safe approach, showing off the nice weapon would stir the pot too much. Something needed to be stirred, but not in her direction. They just needed their supplies. If they could manage to get Theo's gun away from him and in their own possession, they would be doubly armed.

Jaquilyn stood and grabbed handle to the door.

“You don’t know what we have packing but I do know that Carmina was supposed to be here and now she is gone. You add her to your kill list this morning?”

Oh God. She turned to Joachim, her eyes wide. This was too coincidental an opportunity to pass up. A chance to disarm the top killer, use him as a scapegoat, and maybe claim his weapon. That was all a lot of power. She had to act. She thought for a moment of her choice of words before grabbing the door's handle and yanking it open.

She stepped through the door. A quick glance at the couches showed that all of their bags were still in place. Of the students present, Jesse Jones was easily recognized, Chris she knew too. Theo had also just been identified.

She stared hard at him and clenched her teeth.

"You fucking KILLER!" She pointed her finger.

"We never should have left you with her!"
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