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Why am I not dead?

Noises had drifted in and out of Jimmy's head ever since he hit the ground. He hadn't been able to make sense of them, but they were there. He had heard muffled gunshots, and sounds like people screaming. The noises were barely audible, drowned out by an obnoxious pounding, somewhat like a drum being struck right next to his ear. As the world came back into focus, the drums faded, only to be replaced by a loud ringing. As the ringing escalated, so too did a sudden aching feeling in the back of his head. He noticed that he was on his back. Why was he on his back again?

That's right, the 'princess' knocked me out. Must have hit my head on a rock. That would explain....OH SHIT!

When his head had started hurting, Jimmy had reflexively brought his hand back to massage it. To his horror, he felt a sudden dampness. Springing up from his lying position, he quickly felt the back of his head, in case he had gouged it open. At that moment, he noticed that his sleeves were also damp, and sighed in relief. His hair had just gotten wet from the sopping wet ground. He wasn't going to die. Not yet anyway. Checking himself for other injuries, he noticed that the side of his head had been cut open, and his spine was also giving him complaints, but otherwise, he was fine.

Not taking any chances though, he searched around for his daypack, relieved to find that he still had it, and took a dressing from his Medical Kit. As he pressed it against his head, it protested in force, but he knew that a little pain in the head was nothing compared to what would happen if he let it bleed. After the bleeding stopped, he could apply disinfectant and place a bandage on. As for his spine, the best he could do was a few torso twists to pop it out a little. He would just have to live with the pain, as it didn't really feel like it was out of place.

That accomplished, the next step in this case was to analyze the situation. He hadn't yet paid attention to his surroundings, he realized, and that was just asking for trouble. From his sitting position, he could see the shapes of two new people on the ground from before. One of them, he could tell, was fairly large, about the same size as the "Princess." Crawling slowly over to the larger one, he recognized it as the greedy slob who had knocked him out. As he leaned over to see how she died, he immediately recoiled in disgust. The fat lady had shot herself in the head.

Geez! This game....This game is nuts! I've got to get out of here!

It was a short amount of searching to find his cane. Using it as a support, he pulled himself shakily to his feet, wincing as a twinge in his spine sounded on the way up. While he was here, he decided that he would take Branca's gun. She wasn't using it for anything anymore. Much to his surprise, as he felt the ground around Branca for her weapon, all his hand touched was a chainsaw. Jimmy didn't recall either of the girls having a chainsaw. He definitely would have remembered seeing something like that.

Suddenly, the realization hit him. Somebody had been here! Maybe Branca's wounds were not self-inflicted. Perhaps somebody else had done it to her instead.

They must have thought I was already dead. I got lucky, real lucky. Wait a minute, where's my food?

Rummaging through his daypack, Jimmy discovered that whoever had been here had stolen all his provisions. A search through Branca's daypack revealed the same thing, along with the girl he had stuck an axe into. At least whoever it was hadn't taken the medical supplies as well. Forcing himself to calm down, Jimmy refilled his Medkit, and reclaimed his axe. He was happy to see that his gun hadn't been pilfered, because he needed that. He could barely fire it, but it was good for intimidation.

But what am I going to do? Sure, I'm alive, but without food or water, I'm going to die really quickly. I've got to find someone, someone who wasn't looted. Someone....

A sudden burst of gunfire disrupted Jimmy's train of thought, coming from inside the Storehouse. He could hear someone yelling, but shocked as he was by the noise, he didn't recognize the words. Instinctively, he threw himself back on the ground, just as someone ran out the door, tearing out of the area in a hurry. Slowing bringing himself to his feet, Jimmy crept over inside to see what had happened.

It was exactly like he expected, though he had to walk halfway inside before he could see it. A student who Jimmy didn't recognize lay dead in an alcove between two lines of boxes. Hesitantly investigating further, the half-blind man discovered, to his great relief, that the corpse's daypack had food and water in it. Not enough for more than 2 or 3 days, but it was a start. It would keep Jimmy going, anyway. As he looked through the dead man's stuff, he found something even more amazing.

A revolver? And a pretty big one too. Not much use for me, but every little bit helps.

Rifling through the rest of the man's belongings, Jimmy came across the manual for the gun. It would be useful to read this if he ever needed to use it. Who knows, maybe somebody would be stupid enough to attack him with a stick or something, and he could shoot them then.

What with all the bodies lying around, Jimmy determined that the Storehouse was simply not safe. If he valued his life, he would need to go somewhere else, and soon. Holding his new shiny Colt Peacemaker out in front of him with one hand, he held his cane in the other, and walked out into the unknown, hoping to stay alive for another day.

(James Trejo continued elsewhere.)
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