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At the familiar tones of every Disney movie opening, the one with the castle forming on a light blue background, someone else had arrived. Venice popped another piece of popcorn into her mouth. She could never begin to understand how the others were doing this, and not just grabbing pieces of the snack by the two arm-fulls. Maybe that's why it was better to only watch a movie with one other person or get a lot more popcorn. Or maybe Venice was just greedy like her parents told her every movie night.

When Bella opened the door, Venice grabbed a quick amount of popcorn into her hand, small enough that no pieces would fall out, and rushed into her mouth. Seeing who it was at the door, Rosemary from the swim team, Venice tried to welcome her in as well as Bella did.


Realizing her lack of tact, Venice covered her lips with the tips of her fingers and gave a coy look to her fellow party goers.

"Oh, my...that was rude of me."

This time she gave a proper greeting with a giggle and a hand raise.

"Hello Rosemary!"
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