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(Alexis Machina continued from Breaking Point)

Shortly after she'd left the hollow tree and her first victory behind, Lex had been reminded of the need to patch up her arm by the constant downpour of the rain pelting against the open and quite exposed gash. It bled freely down her arm (and the rain didn't help any), and after a while it looked so disgusting that Lex found herself taking a pit stop to sanitize, disinfect and wrap the slash-wound. She hardly considered herself an expert in first-aid, but shoddy though the job might have been it would have to do for now.

Soon afterwards she'd set out again, taking greedy mouthfuls of the loaf of bread she'd pilfered from Nick's pack. She'd run out of food the day before, and luckily enough Nick had provided enough for her to continue on. It didn't last very long, but it settled the uneasiness in her stomach, and for now that would have to do. Washing down the bread with thirst-quenching gulps of water from her now second-last and almost empty waterbottle, Lex turned down a fork in the trail and out into a clearing.

The sight that met her eyes was both alarming and spontaneous, as Lex turned towards the storehouse just in time to see Branca Braunstein blow her own brains out with several rounds from her SMG. The gun clattered to the ground with a dull thud, and Branca more than topped it with a loud crunch of her own as she impacted with the solid (albeit slightly wet) earth. Lex felt her grip around the chainsaw tighten, and cautiously she made her way over to examine the scene.

As much as she enjoyed repaying her classmates for the many grievances they'd caused her over the years, even Lex found herself hard-pressed to take any pride or joy out of the bloody battlefield that lay before her. Olivia Swan was one of the people Lex would've most liked to kill herself, but the sight of her battered and mangled face was almost enough to send Lex into a dizzy spell. Branca's visage was none the better, and the smell around the area was intoxicating, but in a terrible way. Another boy lay on the ground a few feet away beside a cane, and Lex had little hope for him being alive either.

Almost out of reflex, Lex made her way towards Branca's gun and picked it up, laying the chainsaw down on the ground beside the brute's corpse. The gun clearly worked, so she'd have little use now for the heavy and abominably loud blade that had scored her first kill. Laying her own pack on the ground, Lex set to work transferring the ammunition and operating manual for the SMG into her own belongings, as well as the newly acquired food and water she managed to scrounge up from Branca and the surrounding daypacks. She'd be set for a while now.

Zipping up the daypacks after she'd procured her supplies, Lex decided to examine the inside of the storehouse to make sure she wasn't in any immediate danger. Hefting her pack over her back, she entered the building with the SMG raised, her eyes darting every which way multiple times over, mostly out of fear. Another corpse or two were strewn in various places, but something seemed off about the building. The eerie atmosphere was being broken by the occasional sound of...


Curiously, Lex made her way around corners and boxes until she finally found a boy sleeping behind a number of them. He was in a rather unflattering position; his mouth was hanging open and spots of drool had slid down his chin and onto his shirt. The audible wheezes of his snoring added to the grotesque picture, and Lex couldn't help but scowl in disgust as she made her way over to him. Maybe she could take advantage of his position and get some more supplies?

As Lex inched her way closer, she couldn't help but notice that the boy was stirring in his sleep. Mixed and intermittent mumbling could be heard between his painful-sounding gasps for air, and curiousity getting the better of her once again, Lex leaned in in a vain attempt to make out what he was saying. As dire as their situation was, the opportunity seemed too ripe...

"Huh? What? Who!?" The boy broke out suddenly, causing Lex to jump back.

"WHOA FUCK!" she screamed, instinctively depressing the trigger of the Kel-Tech and sending the remainder of the clip flying in James' direction. She was hardly aiming at him at all, but with all the bullets spraying towards him quite a handful had managed to hit him in various parts of his body, silencing him almost instantly.

After taking a second to regain her composure, Lex's gaze hardened on the boy.

"DON'T FUCKING SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" she started, screaming at the top of her lungs towards the belligerent and now bullet-ridden boy. After a moment she registered what had just transpired, and her expression softened, though more out of confusion than remorse.

"Oh, uh...oops," she bellowed, silently hoping that if anyone heard her outburst they wouldn't judge her too harshly. It was a hard habit to break, not wanting to be judged; it was about the only feeling she tied to Southridge that still remained within her, with the exception of bitter resentment. Her heart was still racing from the shock of having James wake up next to her, and the startled Lex failed to notice James' magnum or his daypack in her bewilderment.

"I've gotta get out of here..."

Deciding that her work at the storehouse was done, Lex turned tail and fled shamelessly back into the wilderness she came from, making a mental note to avoid places like that in the future.

B80: James Migato - DECEASED

(Alexis Machina continued in Point of No Return)
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natlei was sleeping in her bed when someone came thru her window "get away rapist" she said still half asleep and hit one of them in the head with her liucky frying pan then went back tyo bed them men the injected her with a sedative and carried her off
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