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Heath could’ve punched the the other boy then and there. You asshole. Don’t you know that she probably knows that already? Do you need to remind her? We lost her. There is nothing we can. Who do you- He stared up at him, with a soon look laced in shock.

No…how can that be? That made no sense. Why would he be helping Petra and me? That…that...that…

What little warmth that Petra had suddenly evaporated completely. Heath knew. Petra was gone. She lost in this game, and that was all that could be said.

In retrospect, Heath was disappointed with the reaction he had. It wasn’t anger, though a faint dab was present. It wasn’t melancholy. It wasn’t loss. It wasn’t pity. What it was, for lack of a better word, was halcyon. Though empty may be better. As he rose, all he could do that seemed to make sense was stare blankly at Petra, her body that’d never move, her mouth that’d never speak, her eyes that’d never open. He continued doing so, even when the other girl was saying nice, polite nothings and as she walked away with the Rob.

Why? as the youth began, looking self-consciously. Why am I not reacting? Why? Sure, I barely knew her, but I didn’t know Serenity at all, yet a least I emote. I knew her and helped her, so why am I not crying now?

Is it because before this I never knew her? And I wouldn't have if we were still on that trip? Is that it?

Heh, that’s a weird thought. This game is the first time I truly spent time with my classmates. Go figure-

The fact that Heath was so bent on saving Petra, he didn’t even realize that he lost quite a bit of blood, though not enough to be in any way fatal. So this is the reason why for a second time that day he crash down to the ground landing on his good arm. It wasn't as bad as when he was shot. It still stinged though.

Well, I’m glad she didn’t go alone, I guess. At least I offered her that. Yeah, instead of saving her life, I watched her die. That’s just fan-fucking-tanstic.

He turned up to look at the girl, who Heath regrettable didn’t know her name, using the tree to support his second rising attempt. A smile, a weakened one, was across his face. “Miss," he began, mustering abit to shout, "do you know how to make an arm sling?” He turned over to look at the other, though his smile slightly failed at his face. “How about you, Robert? Do you know?”

(I'll most likely not be here until Friday, so assume that Heath falling is when you guys are done talking.)
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