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Everything was slowing fading. Edges blurred into one another and lines faded into perplexing ambiguity. It was growing harder to determine where one object ended and another began. Through Petra’s half-closed eyelids, colors appeared muted and dulled. Sounds warped, originiating from seemingly impossible directions and never coming through as clearly as they should have. Time became flexible. Had it been a few seconds or several hours since falling? The blood soaked girl couldn’t tell. The world slowly became less and less real.

Amidst the slowly darkening world, one thing remained constant. A deep, steadily slowing drumbeat played cadence in her ears. A distant brush against her arm brought Petra’s senses back into a vague semblance of focus. Lowering her gaze to the needle being stuck through her flesh, the girl’s first thought wasn’t that she didn’t feel any real discomfort, but rather that the needle was out of place. Metal needle in my arm. That’s not right. Metal doesn’t belong in skin. Well, piercings, but even that’s only in moderation; it definitely shouldn’t be in my arm.

Warmth in her hand. It was nice. Heath told her rest would be ok. Slowly closing her hand over his, she smiled her woozy smile. “S’ok. I’ll jus’ be a minute. Jus’ a quick res’ and then I’ll be back on m’feet.” The other boy spoke up, telling her what she'd already known deep in her bones. Swallowing hard, her smile faltered for a moment before returning. “But, if…if you're right, n' I don’ wake up, promise…promise you’ll all be ok.”

The deep thudding inexorably came to its end as the girl’s eyes gently slid shut. What little strength she’d still had went out of her fingers, and the warmth of Heath’s hand was lost on her. A final beat of the heart and she was gone. No last death rattles or convulsions, no dramatics. Just one young girl going quietly into the long night.

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