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Heath barely noticed the jumper that was passed to him, and almost dropped it. He turned it over in his hands, trying to understand what to do with it. At this endeavor, he failed miserably and tossed it back to Shamecca when she came to work on Petra.

This girl looked nice enough, Heath noted while watching her work, plus she is helping us. That must mean something- Shameeca looked up to Heath. With a look that Heath had no choice but grimaced, though he tried his best to hide it from Petra. Though he lacked many, many social skills, Heath knew very well what those cues meant.

No...I don't want you to die...I can't let you. I carried so that you can live, not so you can just give up. I-I-

...But I have no choice in this matter, do I? This is naturalism 101, Heath. Might as well make it peaceful and halcyon, she deserves that much.

Heath gently held Petra's hand. When he responded, he felt surpisingly calm, empty even. "Yeah...rest. That may do you just fine, Petra. Yeah."
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