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Recovering fast as she heard Heath talking, Shameeca unfroze as she had the jumper taken from her hands. Maybe he was trying to help and not kill or maybe it was all self defence, well she wouldn't judge for now. But the gun made her uneasy, even though she had seen plenty before, its proximity was worrying to her. But focus girl! Help save the girl bleeding to death on the floor! Stop thinking about who you are going to save in the future and help save the girl.

"S'ok pal, not everybody's turned into pyscho killers" she said, glancing at Bobby, letting him know that she knew. How the other guy didn't know, she had no clue. Suddenly she realised that she just heard him ask her to stitch the girl up. Did she look like Mary Seacole? And she wasn't even sure that it would work, even Shameeca knew that, the blood was pouring out too fast. Yet, she would try, just in that insane hope that it would work. Opening her bag to fetch out the medical supplies that she had got from the bottom, she picked out the thin needle and thread. It looked cleanish, but wasn't she supposed to sterilise it? Damn, she should of watched Grey's Anatomy better.

Trying to thread it, she realised that her hands were shaking so much. Her mind was focused but her body was nervous, cold hungry and scared. It was the shakes and they weren't a good thing. A few deep breaths and she managed to slide the thin thread through the hole and she squinted, trying to see the wound through the blood around the wound.

"Hold still girl, this is gonna hurt" she said as she got ready to plunge the needle into the flesh. Petra mumbled something and Shameeca looked at her face, only to see the eyes starting to wane off. She stopped, needle in hand, a sad look on her face. It was obvious what was going to happen. The girl on the floor was bleeding away and no stitches were going to help her. A pang of guilt shot up in Shameeca's stomach. Yet she plunged the needle into the flesh, trying to sew the wound shut. But it was too wide and it refused to close, the only thing being achieved was the wound getting smaller yet not small enough to do any good. Looking at Heath's eyes, Shameeca shook her head, acknowldging that Petra didn't have long left in the game and in life. There was just too much blood everywhere.
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