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Phoebe sniffed, feeling guilt for crying. It was awkward at the best of times, let alone on an island surrounded by cameras, but she couldn't stop herself. It took all her self control to maintain quiet tears, and to not descend into full blown sobbing. She had never been one of those people who could cry and still look attractive. For some reason she couldn't shake the need to always look presentable out of her mind. If ever there had been a situation where appearance didn't matter, this was it.

Marcus didn't seem to know what to say. Hesitantly, he told her it was going to be okay. She knew it wasn't true, but it was comforting anyway.

"Yeah," she said, sniffing again and wiping her eyes delicately with her hands. She could feel mascara coming away on her fingers, gritty, like when she occasionally forgot to take her make up off at night and woke up with panda eyes. She rubbed under her eyes a few more times to remove any remaining mascara that might have run. Why? This doesn't matter. Phoebe gestured towards the large, glassless windows overlooking what she assumed was the runway. The only indication was a few aeroplanes dotted around the airfield. They were rusted and broken and even if they did work she had no idea how to fly a plane. "We're kind of exposed here anyway."

She followed Marcus, and glimpsed his sword. Feeling a sudden cold rush of fear, it gave way to feeling protected. If he had wanted to kill her he could have done it easily when he first came up to her and she didn't notice him. Everything was going to be okay. "everything's gonna be okay, Phoebe."

((Phoebe Cho continued elsewhere))
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