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The sight of a girl in tears is one of those things that would cause most people to break down into blabbering idiots whose sole purpose is to placate the girl. Or at least, it did that to Marcus.

"Everything-" Marcus's words caught in his throat. How could he say something like "everything's going to be okay" and mean it? The words sounded hollow to him. Even if it were just to get Phoebe to stop crying, it didn't seem right to say it. "Umm...." Marcus racked his brain for something, anything, that he could say.

Her tears were rolling down here cheeks. Marcus felt useless. Even something as simple as making Phoebe feel better, he couldn't do. The best he could do was to lie, with a lie that she'd be able to see through instantly.

Marcus took a short breath to collect himself. "Everything's..." Marcus paused, praying that better words would come to mind, "everything's.... gonna be okay, Phoebe."

He could give her a hug, if he weren't still holding a big sword that might be the next closest thing to a gun right now. Marcus looked around, taking in broken glass and the open sky beyond what used to be windows.

"It might not be safe to stay here for too long. Let's go look for our friends. It'll be better once we find them."

((Marcus Leung continued in Meltdown))

B036: Benjamin Ward: "Sh-shut the fuck up. Or I'll k-kick your ass."
B047: Marcus Leung: "Let's start by staying calm."


Rest in peace

B004 - Peter Siu: "We're all fuck-ups."
G006 - Tiffany Baker: "Will you stay with me, until I wake up?"
G027 - Marybeth Witherspoon: "The cameras are pointing here, not there."
B115 - Tony Russo: "I'm sorry...."
G087 - Rachel Gettys: "I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell."
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