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A couple moments passed with no reaction from the girl. Maybe Marcus hadn't yelled loud enough. He never really was much a guy for raising his voice after all. Or maybe because the waiting room was so big and the windows were all gone and the girl might not even be listening and a whole bunch of other reasons. It wasn't like Marcus could really do anything to help her.

Not that he could ever test that if he just stood around doing nothing, and it wasn't like anybody had anything to lose if he tried.

Marcus walked up to the girl, taking a roundabout way that avoided most of the glass and looped around the sides of the room. When he got closer, and could see her in profile, he finally recognized the girl as Phoebe. And she seemed to have bandaged up her hand too.

"Whoa. Hey Phoebe. What happened to your hands?"

B036: Benjamin Ward: "Sh-shut the fuck up. Or I'll k-kick your ass."
B047: Marcus Leung: "Let's start by staying calm."


Rest in peace

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