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Travis was completely still for a while. Tyler wouldn't budge. As a matter of fact, that smile on his face was a familiar one to Travis himself. Ty was enjoying the confrontation. It was just like he said. Either Trav left, or one of them died.

He lowered his guard a little and began laughing.

"Ahahah... Ooooh... Tyler. You're one crazy motherfucker, that's for sure."

He hoisted his own bag up on his shoulder. He held the saw in one hand now, ready to swipe if he came too close.

"We all have our own roles to play, dude. I'm not going to blow my load this early in the game. There is no point in us fighting here. You go can go rabid somewhere else."

At least Tyler would have serious problems carrying all of his items around. Desperation and all that shit had been accomplished. It was time to get the fuck out of Dodge.

Travis gave him a mocking salute.

"See you around, you crazy bastard."

(( Travis Webster continued in In The Dark The Dead Are Dancing... ))
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