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“That’s…I know. You’ll patch m’arm up and I’ll be back on m’feet in no time. Then we can find a way off the island and g’home. Oh, and in case I f’rget and don’t tell you later, m’really sorry for getting you hurt.” Heath felt so glad that she responded the way she did. Yet a little dab of pity. The smile he saw was obviously forced, just as his was. The fatality of the situation, she understood that completely. She was hiding it for his sake, just he was for her. Just so they can cope, Heath guessed.

His response was cut short by Bobby’s diving into working on Petra. The fact that Bobby actually came was somewhat of a shock to Heath. By this point in the game, he assumed that he would’ve ran off… Or worse, killed us both. What a retard I am…

"I have no fucking clue what to do...I guess we need to ... uh, put pressure on that then wrap it tight, maybe that will constrict the thing and stop it from bleeding." The uneasiness of Bobby’s voice wasn’t reassuring, but at least something is being done. Heath knew that was anything was better than nothing. A weird thought poured through Heath’s head, like déjà vu, he heard Bobby talking. But he wasn’t sure why that was the case and shrugged it off as nothing.

Heath nodded his head to the command. Applying pressure on the wound with his one good hand, he turned his attention back to Petra. Apparently, just talking to those injured keeps them stabilized. At least, that’s what Heath heard. Nonetheless, he started talking to her, noting a weird calming taking place in his speech.

“No, no, don’t blame yourself. I-it wasn’t your fault. Hell, it wasn’t even that Robert guy’s fault.” This is lie, of course that rat-bastard was at fault. “ It was just circumstance. It is jus’ otvour control, y’ know? There is a lot I wished would’ve happen but didn’t. I wished we actually had that trip or that I…I-”

That I wasn’t such a major fuckup. He wanted to quiver from his mouth. That my parents were still alive. That my brother wasn’t going to lose me. That I had an actual backbone and find those bastards Bobby and Robert. That my classmates weren’t all dying around me. That you won’t die. They were all valid, true, but they weren’t the things he wanted her to listen to while she was dying. That is just cruel and heartless, he reckoned. But he needed something more- well, suitable.

Rebounding, he continued, “that I meet up with a sweet girl like you earlier. Still, there isn’t anything we can do but keep on going, ya know?” He felt flustered. Sure, it sounded nice to say, but the flow was awkward and he felt like idiot. Still, to be redundant, he was glad he said it anyway and hopes it lifts her spirits up.

Heath was surpised by a new arrival. And yet again, Heath had no idea who she was. The amazement was increased by the fact that she was helping them, right away. "Wow," he said to her. "Thank you!"
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