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((Shameeca continued on from Seeking Sanctuary))

Soaking wet, but the fire of determination still burning in her, Shameeca was running through the rain, determined to do what she could to beat Lenny's twisted game. She couldn't win by herself and all the time, the chance of Jame's being kept alive was smaller and smaller. Yet she wouldn't give in to that nagging voice in the back of her head, the one that told her that Jame's death gave her a better chance of winning this game. No, she wouldn't give in to that, not if she could fight it.

Blinking through the water pouring down her face, looking at the map in her hands, she saw that she had arrived at her destination, the brook. It wasn't a dnager zone and the chance of being caught by the players here wasn't as big than as if she decided to head straight for one of the larger places, yet Shameeca knew that she had to get some help, she couldn't win the game by herself. In the distance she saw two figures over someone on the ground. Peering her eyes, she tried to see what they were doing, that was until she saw the other figure on the ground. Oh my god, were they...... no, she decided, no judgment till she could get closer to tell.

Slowly making her way across the way as to avoid making any noise that could alert them to her presence if they were doing what she had feared they were, Shameeca made it a few more metre's till she could get a grasp on the situation. Little did she know that they were involved in the carnage that she had seen the aftermath of, nor that the body of Serenity was of their doing. Yet, Shameeca could hear the words that were being said and as she made her way closer she could see it clearly.

"Oh god" she said outloud her voice slightly cracked. The girl on the floor, she looked so pale, so ill, the blood soaked clothing on her obviously a wound from a weapon. Had she been stabbed, shot, impaled? All these thought ran through her head as she looked at the trio on the floor, before rummaging in her bag for something to help. She had in it a small jumper, bright green, that she folded up in her hands as she moved closer to them.

"Here, use this for the presure thing" Shameeca said as she passed it to the guy who had said about the way to stop the bleeding. Suddenly the black girl froze, her hand holding the green jumper out, a look of shock on her face. It was him, from the announcements, Bobby Jacks, a killer. Shameeca knew him, from the few years when she had first moved there, she had developed a small crush on him. She had never approached him, nor did she even think that he knew who she was. Yet, she remembered the announcement. Murderer. Was the girl on the floor another victim of his? Was the other boy his co-worker in the killings? Had the three been a team and they were reaping the karma by the girl slowly dying on the floor. Maybe theyr were all innocent. She didn't know, but Shameeca realised that she may of landed herself in another mess. Behind the boy was a gun. Oh god, he had a gun, just like Lenny. Shameeca hang in the air for a brief second, thoughts processing through her head. Please let them be good people, she thought.
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