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The world took turns sliding in and out of focus, like a poorly shot home movie. Her head swimming, Petra tried to find something to keep her mind occupied, but couldn’t think about anything that didn’t scare her. Heath was immediately at her side. That was nice. He was a nice guy. It was too bad she hadn’t got the chance to know him at school. The boy sputtered about getting her water and then disappeared.

Petra felt sad. It was a nice gesture, but she didn’t really want water. She just wanted someone to be next to her. She might have been getting loopy, but she had no illusions about what was happening to her. She’d seen her share of movies. The amount of blood she’d shed while just lying on the ground was enough to tell her that she didn’t have much of a chance.

She was dying. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath. Everyone on the island was dying; it was just to a matter of degree. She wondered how long Heath had left. Kind of philosophic, yeah? Heh. Maybe impending death does that to you.

I feel bad for Heath; if I didn’t keep him outside he wouldn’t have gotten shot. I should apologize for that. I wonder where Ianto went. Eh, just as well. I probably would have gotten him hurt too. It doesn’t really hurt anymore. That’s good. I guess, all things considered, this isn’t such a bad way to go. At least I didn’t have to hurt anyone. That would have made me sad. I wonder if Jacks felt the same way. Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at him. It’s not really his fault. He was probably a nice guy before all this happened.

Her mind slowly drifting away, Petra was snapped back to reality as Heath appeared at her side again. Water. It was cool and crisp, soothing her burning throat. Eventually sipping down half of the canteen’s contents, she was surprised at how much she could drink. Maybe losing blood makes you thirsty.

“Y-you’re goin’ be okay, ya know?” Heath’s voice sounded like he’d swallowed sand. A stab of guilt struck the bleeding girl as she realized he was trying not to cry. “That’s…” Petra started to tell him how untrue that was. She was going to point out how hard it was getting to keep her eyes open. She was going to tell him that she wasn’t going to get any better. But she didn’t.

“…I know. You’ll patch m’arm up and I’ll be back on m’feet in no time. Then we can find a way off the island and g’home. Oh, and in case I f’rget and don’t tell you later, m’really sorry for getting you hurt.”

Forcing a smile, Petra almost missed the second person kneeling down next to her. She barely felt the twinge of pain from the boy’s contact with the wound or the cool press of the soaked pad. The boy muttered that he didn’t know what to do. Petra didn’t blame him. Not many people were equipped to deal with her situation. At least he was trying.

“Thank you. You really din’t hafta help me. You’re a real nice person.”
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