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((Continued from The Beginning is the End is the Beginning))

At first it had hurt, that was to be expected. Being shot was undoubtedly painful, but that was only the beginning. After leaving with Heath, the holes in her shoulder and arm began to grow more and more unbearable. As adrenaline slowly worked its way from her system, the girl began experience the throbbing wounds in all their glory. But, soon, even that began to fade.

Breathing harshly, Petra stumbled through the foliage of the jungle, supporting herself against her companion’s body. Every step was getting harder. Why was it getting harder? This wasn’t nearly as hard a run as she was used to. Matter of fact, they were practically walking. Actually, when you looked at the jungle, it was really pretty. It was a shame that it had the negative stigma of being a place where people got killed. It wouldn’t be a bad place to vacation, if you were into hiking. Really, too bad with the whole terrorism thing.

The disoriented girl managed to pick the sound of the rushing brook out against the rain. “Is that water? Water would be good. I’m thirsty. Let’s rest there, ‘kay?” It was getting much harder to stand up. The edges of the world started to grow darker and more muddled. Shaking her head, Petra almost lost her balance, clawing at Heath’s uninjured shoulder to keep her feet.

“Sorry. Must’a tripped over somethin’.” Soldiering, on and pushing through the brush, the tired young woman was rewarded for her tenacity. Water. Clear, fresh, beautiful water. With a happy giggle, the brunette did her best to step forward, losing her balance and crashing to the ground in the process.

Landing on her ruined shoulder, she gave a sharp yelp before rolling onto her opposite side and cradling the wound arm. “So thirsty, so tired. Why is everything starting to get all spinny?” After a long pause, the girl realized that her arm didn’t hurt quite so much anymore. Well, at least that’s good. That was getting really annoying. Reevaluating the sensation, she found quite a bit of her body was starting to become numb. Her pale, clammy features slowly gave a concerned grimace.

“H-hey, Heath? I’m startin’ t’lose a lil feelin’, here.”
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