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((Slight GMing with the bag ripping approved))

Well... Shit. He should've just let Tyler go.

Way to get greedy, you bloody idiot.

As the bag came flying up towards his face, he instinctively raised his weapon. The two objects clashing sounded through the grounds. Fabric was being ripped, and suddenly he was blinded by the objects flying out towards him. Not to mention that the sheer force of the swing had knocked Travis completely off balance. He swiftly took a few steps backwards, swinging his weapon in an arch as to avoid hurting himself with it. The sheer strength of Tyler was incredible.

Jesus Christ, had he been a few feet closer he would have risked accidentally eviscerating himself with his own weapon. A chainsaw was not a bloody sword! You couldn't parry with it!

He was now holding the hedge trimmer straight out at Tyler. If Ty got too close, Travis would literally try to run him through, despite the incredibly bloody and "not AT ALL under the radar"-affair it would be. Better that than being caught in the grasp of this monster of a man, who clearly had NO sense of self-preservation combined with incredible size and power. The guy had charged a kid with a FAMAS, why had Travis been so stupid as to think he would be intimidated by a mere chainsaw!?

At least Travis had taken his bag out of commission, so desperation would definitely affect Tyler's play style, just as planned. He had succeeded in what he wanted to do, but an unfortunate side-effect was that the target in Tyler's desperate sights would now be him.

Travis barely felt the pain emanating from the wound in his arm. All of his attention was on Tyler now.

He wasn't worried. Thanks to the length and size of the hedge trimmer, he had a much greater reach compared to Ty. What he had perceived as the biggest weakness of the weapon now turned out to be his own saving grace. Funny how things turned out. His eyes were still cold and focused. However, Travis wasn't smiling anymore. He was angry at the boy. Why couldn't he just have given away his bag and left!? He almost spit out his next words.

"Try that again, and you FUCKING DIE."
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