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Joachim shook his head as Jaq mentioned 'escape'. He did not believe that some force magically would appear and safe them. It happened once, in four seasons. And in the end, only around 30 students were saved. He remembered that some people celebrated that as a great success. But 30 of... 250? A neglible amount. Then there is the fact that the terrorists surely had to learn from their mistakes. They took writing material away, so that the students could not communicate silently. Maybe they even stopped broadcasting it life and everything the people in the world saw were the images of dead people.

Then there was this whole 'not being players' issue. Joachim understood where Jaq came from. When these big rescues happened, no players were allowed to enter the escape boats. Ethical issues aside, that would mean that the moment Jaq and Joachim decided to kill someone, they would be doomed to slaughter their way to the top. Then there is the fact that these people around here were his class mates. Could he harm them? Actually, yes. Joachim decided that these most of his peers were doomed anyway, it did not matter whether due to his hand or someone elses. Also, if somebody attacked Joachim, he would defend himself. Even if Joachim had no real will to survive, his body would speak differently in dangerous situations.

"I will not hunt, but if somebody attacks us, I am likely going to defend myself, even if it kills them."

He could not say that he would never hurt someone. That would be a lie. So he said something that was essentially a compromise. He wondered if it would not be inevitable to break this oath. Thinking that such a situation such as someone attacking them won't happen was foolish in his eyes.
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