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"You're right... About everything..."

Her lip quivered. Chances. Odds. Probability. Somewhere there had to be betting pools.

Bets on the first to die. The first to kill. The first to commit suicide. The first to kill twice. The first to blow themselves up trying to escape. The one who killed the most. The one who cried the most. The one who made the most monologues to cameras. The one who had the funniest death. The one who had the most tragic death. The cutest homicidal couple. The girl with the most blood chilling scream. The bloodiest scene. The most colorful insides.

Ants on a farm, she couldn't worry about what superlatives she would be awarded. It didn't matter what the viewers thought. There was duty at hand. Keeping a team alive, long term.

"Escape has happened before."

She wiped her wrists on her shorts to dry them. Survivors had been all over the news, appeared on television, some were probably writing books. The fact that people had escaped the game had never seemed interesting until now.

There was one part of the story that had always stuck out to her though.

"They don't take killers."

She'd thought it a shame before, but wrestled with the morality of it. Killers were killers, but they could be prosecuted in the states. They could have been rounded up i to loony bins, leaving them behind was a death sentence.

Then again, taking homicidal students aboard a helicopter or boat or whatever would not have been safe all the way back to the states. Ensuring the safety of the innocent was more important than over securing the potential risks.

"We are a team."

Nobody but the terrorists could really be blamed for anything. The rest was just kids and people doing what they thought they had to.

"But we aren't playing."


"Say it. Now. Tell me you aren't a killer and that you won't commit murder."

One of them had to take it.

"Say you're against killing our classmates."

One of them had better odds.

"Out loud... Not for me... Just say those words and maybe we can both get out of here."

Terms to be established at a later time.
It's kiss or kill and shoot to thrill when you do what you do.
I would not die for anyone, but I would kill for you.

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