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Say it... Joachim opened his mouth to reply, but then she shouted at him.

He froze. A wave of sensations travelled through his body. They were similar to what he felt back in the forest, but this was different. It was debilitating, nauseous. She talked about fighting her. She talked about killing her. Joachim held his breath as she spoke. No, he could not kill her. They were partners. Even if one of them had to die. They were partners, and Joachim is not one of these people who discarded everyone that was not useful anymore.

He gulped. His body was tense. His eyes became wet too. He had to in- and exhale a bit before speaking up.

"I would say that you are the one more likely to win."

He raised his knife, but pointed it to the side and petted its blade.

"Do you really think I am without any honor? Do you really think I would kill you? Here? Right now? Why the fuck would I do this?

You were the reason I left the living site! And I helped you stealing that gun..."

He inhaled and exhaled again.

"My apologies, got a bit worked up here.

What I am saying is that, yes, we are in a terrible situation. But that does not mean that we can't be a wonderful team."
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