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((Jaquilyn Locke continued from This Ain't No Make Believe))

Sweet, savory success. Jaquilyn almost laughed when she found herself on the greens. She leaned forward, to catch her breath, placing her hands on her knees to take some weight off of her back. The beautiful black bag she carried needed to be put down for a moment. Looking around a golf course for a club seemed like a fucking stupid idea now that they'd gotten a gun.

She swung it off her shoulder and dropped it onto the tall grass. Her body fell onto it next. Her chest rose and fell as she panted. They had a gun. They had protection. They had stellar communication.

Jaquilyn raised her less tired arm into the air. Her palm facing Joachim's general direction. Her eyes continued staring up into space, but she fanned her fingers and waved them slightly. Her other hand moved behind her head to pull her hair away from the back of her neck.

She longed for her carry on bag that she'd left back in her room. Some antiperspirant would be nice.

Before all things, she needed to finish celebrating this game-changing power play. Her raise hand broke it's position as an open palm to snap it's fingers for attention, then returning to the open palm.
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