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The situation was indeed dire. The giant may not be armed, but he was... still frightening. One on one, fair fight, Travis would be done for.

So much for all those gym sessions...

But it wouldn't be a fair fight. Close, yes. But if he played his cards right, then maybe... just maybe he could take out this giant once and for all.

No, you idiot. Stay under the radar! Not to mention that Tyler clearly has intent to play. Let him loose on other kids and be done with it. Less work for you!

Attacking Tyler would only serve to further damage Travis in the scuffle, if he even made it out of the fight at all. It would also put half of the strongest kids in Aurora against him, at the very least. No, killing Tyler was just stupid.

What if I just..... rob him? He'll play more aggressively, and be more desperate to get supplies. The more kids who get killed on their own, the less work there will be for me to clean up...

Many plans and thoughts flew through his head, though outwardly, Travis Webster was the personification of amiable. He smiled at Tyler and almost sang out his next words:

"I'd. Like. To see you. Try. Haha!"

Trav might be smaller and weaker, but he was still fit. Trained. And he had the saw. He was ready to fight if he had to.

"I did see his fucking monster of a gun, yes. It was quite the weapon. Probably one of the best on the island, as a matter of fact. Heheh... I mean, shit. My weapon would be nothing but rubbish if I faced off against someone like him again."

Tyler went onto calling him out for hiding. Fuuuck, what an archaic notion he was spouting. "Real men do the real work". What a fucking dumbass. Being a "real man" was a surefire way to get killed. You couldn't just play the game his way. He would lose. They always did!

Not that Tyler couldn't be helpful before his inevitable demise, of course.

Travis shrugged and scratched his hair. He was almost looking relaxed now, peering up at the sky as he continued.

"Clearly, there are many layers of weapon-type, and I'm on one of the lower tiers, yeah? So... I think... no use attacking people that much higher on the scale, right? Better to hide away and NOT be killed on the first day. Slowly work your way up the ranks, so to speak, until your weapon is one of the best on the island. You know, get supplies from the tiers under you, and weapons from the higher ones? So, nah, I got it all figured out, man. I know how I'll play this. But hey, thanks for the advice, though."

His eyes darted down at Tyler just as he was turning to go. They were cold. His smile curled up into a large, menacing smirk. His body language changed instantly. He was ready to pounce.

"Say.... wait a second... you're unarmed, aren't you, Ty? Isn't that even LOWER on the scale?"

He now held the saw steady in both hands. The engine was on. His blood.... Pumping.

"So why don't you make this easy and just... give me the rest of your stuff?"
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