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Andi kept a brisk pace as she headed toward what she assumed was the exit to the park, not bothering to check and see if Gray was following. In the end, it was his decision who he'd stick with, if any of them, and she wasn't about to beg him to come with her. If he wanted to test his luck with Cassidy and Gavin, that was on him and him alone. She was a big girl who was more than capable of taking care of herself. It didn't matter if she had to spend the rest of her time on the island alone, she'd do whatever it took to survive and get home.

That said, she couldn't fight the wave of relief once she heard the familiar patter of footsteps behind her. Although she'd never admit it, Andi was happy for the company. Gray had proved himself, without a doubt, and she couldn't help but appreciate how sane he was in comparison to the Tweedles. She'd underestimated him back in Aurora. It was just one more thing she'd put on her list of the things she'd change if she had a do-over.

"Good choice," Andi said, her voice lacking the venomous tone she'd been synonymous with for a long time. Instead, her voice was soft, almost reassuring in the way a mother would tell a child that everything would be okay.

"Because they're completely boned," She added, quickly chasing away any chance of things getting mushy before her voice once again took on a grave tone as she turned back toward Gray, "This is only temporary, though. Once I find Sven or my teammates, this is done. You go your way, I go mine. Maybe one of us will make it home."

She couldn't afford to get attached, not here of all places.

If she wasn't already decided not to meet back up with the Tweedles, Cassidy's comments cemented her resolution. They were meant to hurt her, tear her down, but Andi had heard much worse for far more clever people that it fell upon deaf ears. She'd heard it all before. You're a slut, you're a whore, you have no morals. It was nothing new.

If anything, it only reassured her that her judgement was spot on when she decided she couldn't trust Cassidy. She'd done nothing but prove what a lunatic she was. It was almost satisfying, like when you got to tell someone that you told them so.

"We're so not coming back for them," Andi said, slowing her pace so that Gray could catch up.

She was glad he came.

It just sucked that they both couldn't make it out.

** Andi Victorino, female no. 1, continued in... Steadier Footing

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