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((B047: Marcus Leung begin))

Maybe Marcus should blame his parents for all this. They'd all but forced him to go on the class trip, and look at where that had landed him. A large room rose up around him, surrounding him with seats and broken glass. It reminded him of the waiting area at SeaTac Airport. Marcus had never even seen the inside of an airport before, and now he was in another one, far from home and nowhere near Disneyland. They'd insisted that he go on the trip, to go and have the full graduation experience.

But there really was no point in blaming anybody. Maybe his parents had wanted to live a little through their son, to get that class trip that they'd never gotten the chance to have for themselves. It was, after all, Marcus' fault that they couldn't go on their senior class trip. He probably should've pushed back; the trip was too expensive and their savings could've gone to something much more practical. Instead, Marcus had let himself be selfish for just a bit, and now it was coming back to bite him.

Now was probably not the time to be feeling sorry for himself though. Not like that thought would ever stop him from doing just that. Best he could do was focus on the fact that there were about a hundred something of his classmates around here somewhere. Marcus knew that most of them wouldn't listen to Danya. The video of the two girls might have opened their eyes to the myriad possibilities, but they wouldn't stoop to that level. At least, not for a few days.

Marcus looked at the sword he'd been provided: his "assigned weapon". This was all a sick joke. It was no gun, but this was still a real weapon that could kill. The blade was sharp, and Marcus could think of a number of ways it could be used: cutting open somebody's throat, or cutting off an arm, or spilling their guts.

He shook his head in a vain attempt to push those images out of mind. He'd never use the sword for that. Hurting somebody to save himself? No way. Never in a million years. Even if he were staring down the barrel of a gun.

If it were Joe or Darren or Theo with a gun in his face though....

A bang rang throughout the waiting area. Not a gunshot. More like somebody had dropped a heavy box. The sound jolted Marcus out of his thoughts with a jump. He looked around the room, listening for another sound to pinpoint its origin.

The only sound in the air was a breeze drifting through the broken windows, glass shards scraping quietly against the floor. Maybe he'd just imagined it. He'd only just gotten here and he was already hallucinating sounds. That was a great start.

Movement caught Marcus's eye; a person, Marcus couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl, was picking something up from the ground near the other end of the building. So at least he wasn't imagining things.

The question of what he should do wasn't really a question at all. Marcus just wanted to see a friendly face and stop thinking about the collar around his neck or the the sword in his hand. Gathering his belongings, Marcus moved slowly toward the unknown classmate, gingerly stepping over and around the broken shards of glass littering the ground.

It was a girl, he noticed as he got closer. After picking whatever it was up from the ground, she had seated herself on one of the nearby benches. He couldn't tell who she was; she was facing away from him. At least her hair color ruled out a couple of the girls, not that it was all that important. A familiar face was a friendly face.

While Marcus had a knack for being able to quietly sneak up on people, this was not the time to risk scaring one of his classmates. He stopped a good distance away from her, a couple rows of benches separating them, before calling out to her.

"Hey! Is everything okay?"

He shifted slightly to drop his duffel bag and the sword behind him. Last thing he needed was to make her think he was being anything but friendly.

B036: Benjamin Ward: "Sh-shut the fuck up. Or I'll k-kick your ass."
B047: Marcus Leung: "Let's start by staying calm."


Rest in peace

B004 - Peter Siu: "We're all fuck-ups."
G006 - Tiffany Baker: "Will you stay with me, until I wake up?"
G027 - Marybeth Witherspoon: "The cameras are pointing here, not there."
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G087 - Rachel Gettys: "I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell."
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