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Brian had a bunch of pointy sticks. Nice. So if someone ended up going crazy, their options were soak up bullets or go into the fetal position.

"Wow. It's weird, you know. A day ago I was worrying about whether or not I should get an espresso or a frappuccino. Now here I am, wondering what would be the most effective way of hurting someone with a pointed stick. Man, this game is fucked up..."

Way to not sound like some kind of nut.

"Not that I intend to actually use these for their intended purpose or anything! Don't get me wrong, I don't want to die on this island, but I'm not going to be killing anyone anytime soon either. I ain't buying this 'Survival of the Fittest' bullshit, not for one second."

Made sense, except for one thing.

"Yeah, I kinda get it. At least right now, nobody really wants to kill." Zubin looked around - he was getting to the hard part. "But I've watched this thing back when it was on. Guys have gone crazy trying to survive it. We have to keep ourselves on the level. And hopefully find someone who can help us who has a better weapon. You with me?"

RULE 1: Don't go psycho. Everyone hates the psychos - to the point where they'll be attacked more often.

Zubin was really hoping that he wasn't alone in this.
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