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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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The shove was a quick, but not unexpected. Even so, he barely had time to catch his footing before he went over. He kept his stare as he found balance once again, though a slightly amused curve crept into the line of his mouth.

"Yes. I killed someone. How ever did you guess? Was it the pristine clothes that show no signs of struggle, let alone the copious amounts of blood I've assuredly shed? Perhaps it's the complete lack of physical fatigue, that's a good sign that I managed to murder someone twice my size. Or is it the most damning evidence of all, my yo-yo, a weapon known only to the most skilled assassins? Do you even listen to yourself, or are you afraid that if you stop spewing this posturing, dramatic haze for one second reality will catch up and you'll realize you're just as helpless as the rest of us?"

He shook his head and turned his attention back to Joey. "To answer your question, Tyler Lucas and an unidentified girl. I couldn't see her from the room I was in. She threatened him with a gun, he threw his bag at her and charged, and I ran like hell because apparently I had the market cornered on functioning brain cells in that particular hallway."

A sharp sigh escaped his lips. It was getting to him already. That dehumanization was so tempting, but it wasn't useful. It only made playing feel like a better option. "That was uncalled for. They're not stupid, and they're not monsters. They're just afraid. Iselle, I apologize for snapping. You're not like them."

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