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...are you KIDDING ME?

Cassidy's head dropped to look down as the "group" split up. It was like a bad horror movie, a terrible teen slasher where splitting up meant sure death. And now Grey, who had originally seemed to be the most same of the group, was wishing her luck?

Luckily for her, the whore always died first. If danger were to present itself, Andi would be one of Aurora's most wanted. She'd already had a fucking baby.

Cassidy was familiar with basic biology. "Survival of the Fittest" referred to those who were able to survive as thrive long enough to reproduce. By those standards, Andi didn't even have a fucking right to be alive in this game. They could both go fuck themselves, or each other if they felt so inclined.

She stared hard at Grey. "Whatever. The whore always goes first, you're the one who needs the luck."

Cassidy on the other hand not only did not have children, but she had no biological family at all. Her DNA was all that was left of her parents, and if anybody was entitled to survive and pass on their genetic sequences, it was her.

She turned back towards Gavin, the only genuine person of the lot she's found herself surrounded by. She walked towards the strange boy, who despite his oddities, seemed to know what he was doing.

She moved away from the tension, away from the Gazebo, and away from the line in the sand. This exchange of hate was just a drop in the bucket of what they were all in for. Now it was time to raise the stakes.

((Cassidy Kant continued in Ultimately, We Just Want To Be Happy))
It's kiss or kill and shoot to thrill when you do what you do.
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