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Gray shrugged. He wasn't giving Gavin his gun ever. But there was no need to say that out loud, it would just make the mood even more tense than it was, because honestly who just asked someone to give them a gun. It did nothing but make everyone paranoid about whether it was to genuinely help or just a trick to allow the person to get a gun and kill them. It was counter-productive to the whole staying calm thing Gray was trying.

Gavin meanwhile managed to continue to be patronising when it came to the gun, assuming Gray didn't know that using a gun wasn't like in the movies. Gray filed that little piece of information away under obvious. Having Gavin talk to you was like having a parent explain to a child that a stove was hot. It was obvious advice explained in a way that made it easy to understand, which was fine if you were explaining it to a child, but Gray was eighteen and he assumed he had picked up enough life experience to realise that he knew the difference between movies and real life.

Cassidy asked him to put the gun away like they were actually a group, which was far from the truth. A group was way more cohesive then they were and each member of a group at least tolerated the other, which was not the case with their group. Gray was basing the assumption off his old group of friends that he spent most of his time with in Seattle. They had all known each other for a long time and all got on well together; it was a proper example of a group especially when compared to what Cassidy was considering a group.

Andi started speaking and Gray assumed she'd voice what he had just thought but instead she offered up the plan of splitting up to look for shelter of some kind, it was a good plan in all honesty, two groups would be able to cover more ground than one and if anyone attacked either of the groups Gavin was a giant armed with a lead pipe and Gray had a gun. Gray didn't know if he'd be able to use the gun if it ever came down to it but it would make anyone rethink attacking them at the least and that was enough for him. Andi didn't even wait for a response before turning and walking off, which Gray had expected.

Gavin however had a plan of his own, which was to go and find a shopping centre and then find some supplies, it sounded solid enough, except judging by the way the park seemed to be ruined things weren't looking good for the condition of the shopping centre. He offered Gray and Cassidy the chance to go with him, an offer Gray immediately turned down. In terms of safety Andi was the much safer choice than Gavin because Gray knew where he stood with Andi, he had no idea that if he went with Gavin he would actually attack him with his pipe once they were out of sight of the others.

Gavin, like Andi didn't wait for a response before turning and walking away, Gray just looked at Cassidy and shrugged.

"I'm gonna go with Andi, so good luck if you decide to go with Gavin." He said before picking his bag up and swinging it over his shoulder as he started walking after Andi, adjusting his beanie as he reached her.
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