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Somehow, everything just fell apart once Michelle was safe. Michelle started bitching out Virgil for saving her life, which didn't really seem like the best way to thank someone. Virgil scolded her before waving goodbye and walking away, while Michelle followed him, and Choir Girl ran away crying. Stacey was left on the cliff wondering what the hell just went down.

Nevertheless, she shook it off and remembered the task at hand: getting her phone. She took off her backpack and placed it on the ground. She knelt down beside it and unzipped it, ready to grab her phone and make the call that would get her out of there. The more she thought about it, the greater it seemed. If she managed to call the cops, and they came to the island, then not only would they save her, but they could catch the terrorists, too! She would be a hero! That would show that stupid talent scout that rejected her! She would be bigger than she ever would have been with him!

As she rifled through her bag, however, it became very apparent that something was very wrong. She saw her clothes, her chapstick, and her makeup case, but her phone was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, she started unzipping the rest of the pockets on her backpack and searching through them as well, on the chance that she had remembered incorrectly and stashed the phone in one of them. All of the pockets yielded the same result, no phone. There was only one possibility left: they had taken her phone.

Stacey screamed in frustration. The thing she had planned on using for her escape had been taken from her. In a huff, she zipped up all the pockets of her backpack and slipped it over her shoulder. Angrily, she grabbed her duffel bag off the ground and walked back down the cliff. She had just wasted the past few minutes of her increasingly short life.

As she walked, despite her angry demeanor, there was a voice in the back of her mind that made her increasingly frightened. A single thought that she didn't want to accept, but knew was true.

There is no escape.

(((Stacey Mordetsky continued in I Always Hated Chemistry))
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