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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Iselle glanced over in the direction the guys indicated and tried to process what they were saying. 'Great. Our classmates have taken the first available opportunities to go absolutely batshit. That makes me feel safe. Good to know I went to school with psychopaths.' She squeezed her stick as hard as she could, taking comfort in the inherent strength in the wood. It wasn't a a gun, but in the right hands, it would be enough. She would ensure it would be enough.

Garrett seemed less annoying now, but Braintrust Joey was on a roll. 'What's my plan? Seriously?' Unable to stop herself, Iselle rolled her eyes. Planting her free hand on her hips, she glared at Joey. "I think...." She drew out the silence, tapping her index finger on her chin as if thinking. "I think my plan is going to be don't die. What do you think, Garrett? That sound good to you?"

What the hell kind of answer did Joey expect? For her to twirl an invisible mustache and turn into a Bond villain, outlining her plan to wipe out her classmates? Her friends? Or even better, to make a radio out of a coconut? "What kind of Gilligan's Island bullshit are you looking to pull off, Joey?"
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