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Armed and Unsafe
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Gavin wasn't entirely sure how he felt when Grey told him he wasn't going to hand over his gun. He could see it was a good weapon; a Walther P99, both sturdy and dependable. It seemed like Grey knew enough to put the safety on as well, most teenagers didn't even realise they existed. Of course it might just have come with instructions for use, but that didn't seem like the terrorists' style.

For a moment he almost felt like trying to snatch the gun away from Grey. At this range it would be trivially easy to hold all three of them off without risking himself. With the Walther P99 in his hands, he would be as safe as if he were tucked up in bed at home.

The moment passed, and Gavin winced as he realised that he'd contemplated such a thought. It was plain bad etiquette, and he mentally chastised himself for letting his principles slip even for a moment. Instead he just looked over the P99, ascertained that the weapon was in perfect working order, and then nodded his approval.

"Not bad. I'm not going to try and force it away from you if you want to keep it, just be careful, okay? It's not like you see in the movies."

He would dearly have liked to say more, but he guessed that it was pointless. As much as he hated to see an untrained user wandering around without any practical experience, it was more trouble than it was worth trying to educate Grey under the circumstances. Besides, there was no profit in educating a potential killer.

Have I really been reduced to this already, refraining from offering help on the basis that my advice might lead to my own downfall?

He pushed that thought aside with a shudder, emerging from his internal recriminations just in time to catch Andi's little speech about breaking up. She was gone before he had a chance to reply, not that it bothered him very much. Gavin watched her retreating back and sighed.

"I'm afraid that I'm not planning to stick around here." He said to the remaining two students. "I have plans of my own, chief among them being to find the shopping centre on this island and secure some supplies. If you'd like to come with me, I'd enjoy the company, but I can't stay here."

Gavin was already starting to turn as he said those last words. His strength had returned with the infusion of energy provided by the ration bar, and although he was grateful to Cassidy, he knew that he had to keep a move on. To linger around the gazebo all day was a stupid move, but a shopping centre provided him with options. If a gun wasn't readily available, Gavin could think of several other things to equip himself with that would help in the short term. As soon as he was far enough away from the gazebo, he would take out the map in his daypack and figure out what his options were.

((Gavin Hunter continued in Ultimately, We Just Want to Be Happy))
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