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Andi had to fight the urge to stomp on Gavin's hand as he moved to retrieve the bar from the ground. Clearly, he wasn't getting the picture and, aside from making a banner with big block letters telling him to get the fuck away, she wasn't sure how else she could make her point any clearer. His assertions of trying to stay sane and in control only furthered him on her shit list, because last she checked, staying sane wasn't that much of a chore. Unfortunately, it seemed she was the only one to catch his slip up, with Gray busying himself trying to keep Gavin away from his gun and Cassidy with her head so far up her ass that she couldn't hear anything in general. That said, she figured it best not to bring it up, not with how bent out of shape Cassidy and Gavin were getting. Anything out of her mouth would just poke the bear and she wasn't sure what they were capable of, especially Gavin.

Instead, she finally adjusted the strap of her duffel bag, relieving her shoulder of the ache, before crossing her hands once more over her chest and scanning the group. Gray wasn't giving up his gun, thankfully, and it seemed he had the same reservations toward Gavin as she did. It was sort've funny how quickly things turn around. If you'd told her a month ago that she'd consider Gray Emerson the most trustworthy person in a group, she'd have smacked you down hard and told you all about the time he ruined her shit by proxy. She didn't hate him back in in Aurora, not in the least, but she would have been hard pressed to say she respected him. He'd been just some quiet kid on the track taking all the shit people were serving without dishing anything back. In fact, she couldn't help but be somewhat impressed with him shutting Gavin down. Maybe she didn't give him enough credit back home.

Her eyes found themselves in the back of her head once Cassidy started referring to them as 'we' and 'us', like they were some kind of Murder Island boy band ready to stick with one another through thick and thin. She ached to speak and let her opinion be known on that subject, because last she checked, she hadn't signed up for any of that, but she stilled her tongue, instead resorting to grinding the heel of her foot into the cracked pathway below.

There was no arguing with stupid.

"Alright, well, in that case why don't we split up and start looking around for somewhere safe to hole up?" She offered, her voice steady but unamused "Cassidy can go with Gavin since she's so adamant about involving him and I'll go with Gray and we can all meet back here in, what, fifteen minutes?"

She didn't give anyone a chance to agree or disagree before turning and marching down the path, keeping her strides strong and confident, but slow enough that Gray could catch up if he saw fit.

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