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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Sophie continued to cry, covering her face with her hands. Michelle was fine now. She was on solid ground and Virgil snapped her arm back into place, but she still couldn't relax. Dave was dead, and their class still wasn't safe. Unless some helicopters immediately soared over the island and dropped ladders down for them to all escape, there was still a chance that they were all going to die.

Sophie wiped her eyes with her hands. The boy who came and pulled Michelle's arm out of its socket was gone. Virgil and Michelle were also leaving the scene. Sophie found herself beginning to panic. Everyone was already fleeing the area, and it didn't look like anyone was willing to talk about possible alliances or finding shelter.

I can't be here anymore. I have to go.

Sophie ran over to where she dropped her bag and picked it up. She began to move at a quick pace away from the cliffs, as fast as she could while wearing sandals. Before she got out of sight, she took one last look at the cliffs.

I'm sorry, Dave. I should have gotten here sooner, then I might have been able to stop you.

She turned away and hurried off into the forest, continuing to cry as she disappeared.

((Sophie McDowell continued in Pick Apart the Pieces of Your Heart))
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