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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Garrett Wilde Continued From Rome is Burning))

These woods were deceptively beautiful. They were the sort of place that Garrett and his father could have spent hours in back home, making idle observations about the flora and fauna and dreaming up increasingly bizarre back-stories for their fellow travelers. The surreal, pristine nature of the setting would have encouraged their playful banter. Garrett tried to draw on that mirth to bolster his facade of control. He wore his vaguely contented nature like a suit of armor, protecting him from prying eyes. After all, a scared individual would look like prey. An angry individual would look like a predator. A happy individual, though? Perhaps the absurdity of it in their current setting would be enough to pique the curiosity of the more skittish students.

He strolled into the magnificent clearing and sat down, looking back over the hill he'd just climbed with satisfaction. Little victories, Garrett. Treasure them while they last. He casually eyed the bag he'd found when he woke up. He hadn't opened it yet, but he suspected it would be useful. He opened it up to inspect the scattered contents, making a brief inventory of more useful objects such as a map, water, some sort of pamphlet on survival, a compass, and...a yo-yo?

He held the small object in his hand for a few moments before realizing what he'd found. A deep, throaty laugh escaped from his chest as the morbid humor of the situation engulfed him. He hadn't planned on playing this game in the first place, but even if he wanted to, he couldn't. How could you murder someone with a Yo-Yo? Bludgeoning? Strangulation? The toy would surely break long before a skull or a wind-pipe would.

As he collected himself, he noticed a small detail he'd missed upon entering the clearing: A girl sitting under one of the trees. There was no way she'd missed his mad display. In for the penny, in for the pound, I suppose. He grinned at her and waved.

"Hello there! It seems I've drawn the short end of the stick," he said, gesturing towards the Yo-Yo in his hand. He noticed her long walking stick and suppressed a wince. "I can see the same can't be said for you."
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