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"Um, yeah, allies is... is good," Joe mumbled, nodding. He tried smiling, since he was pretty relieved that Jason wasn't going to ditch him (though part of him wanted to hide in a bathroom and cry, a much larger portion of him really didn't want to be left alone) but it came out as a painful grimace. He quickly gave up the attempt.

To the girl, he said, "R-Right, of course, I'll juh... just... over here. Juh... Jason, you shuh... shuh... should probably... um... over here, as well... muh... maybe, I don't..." He shuffled away from the bathroom to give her some space, clinging to his bag. Crowding into the bathroom, with guns and cookies, probably wasn't going to help. Joe didn't know why he thought the cookies would help someone who seemed to be nauseous. Stupid idea, but... wasn't like bringing out the cookies would hurt. Maybe. Unless they were allergic to chocolate or something. Once he was far enough from the bathroom, he dropped his bag on one of the cribs, unzipped it and retrieved one of the packages of cookies. They were simple cookies, just chocolate chip ones because he'd made them the morning of the trip so they were fresh enough. Better than ration bars, bread and crackers, though. (Well, taste-wise, where nutrition was concerned they were obviously terrible.)

He didn't take a cookie for himself at the moment. His stomach wasn't feeling settled at the moment. He just opened the package and held it out so Jason could grab a cookie, as well as the girl if she emerged from the bathroom. His hand was shaking so much that the cookies were shifting around.

Don't cry. Just breathe. And things will be...


They wouldn't be okay. No matter how much he cried or how deep his breaths were.

But if he kept crying and freaking out and being embarrassing, Jason and the other girl might leave him behind. And he couldn't deal with that right now.
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